Cant get rid of leak points??

DELFTship forum Hull modeling Cant get rid of leak points??

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      Allan Russell

      I have over 50 leak points preventing me from getting hydrostatic data from my design. The leak points appear outside and below the keel??? I have tried every angle at every point to line them up with no result? Please help. Sorry cant seem to add the file for some reason?

      Please note the leak points whilst being below the keel, are still above the baseline!

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      Below the keel?!?:blink:

      Do you mean there nothing below the keel, however the error appears anyway?

      Didn’t you draw a part of your ship on an invisible layer?

      Didn’t you try to [knit/weld]1 two unconnected polygons?

      1: Sorry, my english is not perfect 😉

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      Perhaps you can show us an image?

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      Have you told DS to “SHOW LEAK POINTS ONLY”? The view shold be easier to troubleshoot. Then, seek out any points that may lie just outside of Y=0. Some of the user-submitted models strangely have just ONE oddball point (sometimes near the bow) that looks fine in elevation/buttocks view but maybe lost in visual clutter but at Y=0.025.

      If that fails, look for concurrently-located or co-located points. They may or may not be the same type, so do not rely solely on the colors in preferences to sleuth/suss them out.

      And, check the Layers module to see whether or not you’ve inadvertently turned on for hydros calculations any layer which should not be so.

      Also, make sure that — in the case it is not an issue with the hull — you don’t have any geometry in the body of the hull as placeholders for engines, decks, etc. Sometimes, I inadvertently turn back on the meshes standing in for weigths. Being busy with moving points, I often don’t catch it when the SAC (Section Area Curves) just drop off of the display when I do something that nullfies the live hydros calcs presentations.

      If you do not have the SAC (the calculator button on the tool bar) on, it might be a good idea to turn it on so long as the values displayed don’t land inconveniently on points you’re editing. If so, reorient the view to get them out of the way. If you have screen space, go to the Window menu and click on New Window go avoid re-tiling your current window setup. If you re-tile them, they shift around and bow is now in a new location, and plan might move around. So, with new window, you can get a full screen of the model and put the view in whatever mode you wish while editing. Or, resize it and let it overlap other window views such that you can keep an eye on the SAC or the values in the bigger New Window. If they vanish, you moved a point of the hull away from Y=0 or turned on geometry that is included in the hydros but negates the hydros engine calculations.

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      Allan Russell

      Hi there, thank you for trying to help with my problem. I think it’s ME! I confused myself and the issue of leakpoints by doubling up on the control net. I have obviously at some time moved a critical point below the LWL with the Hydro button off and then doubled up the control net for better rounding of the hull, and lost the critical point.

      It has taught me a lesson though! Keep it simple!!

      Kind regards, Allan

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      In some cases, three plates are coming together in one point, but they are shown as ‘leak-point’.
      I do not see any problem, but I cannot get rid of it.

      As well I do not see a solution for a non-symmetric heck. Half of the heck in that case is ‘leak-point free’, but the other half, all points stay ‘leak-points’.


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      Update (from my own site),

      I did change the heck to a symmetric heck, added a temp deck and then it went fine.
      This model I can use for calculations, but I’ll have to change it for real design purpose.

      Would be nice when Delftship would calculate with real design.

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