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      I am trying to take the default sail boat hull and create a canoe stern on it, I know I need get outer points of the transom to 0 (centre line), which I can do. I am then having trouble collapsing or combining the two points in the centre. Is there a tutorial on this someplace, I think I am somehow getting the process wrong.  Ultimately I want both ends to be symmetrical.

      Any help would be grateful

      Thank You,






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      Hi Fanger!

      I don’t understand the problem you have with “collapsing or combining the two points in the center(english in not my mother tongue).

      I can just remind you that you can collapse  a point only if it has only TWO edges connected to it, that means the collapse will not delete anything more than the point.


      About drawing a symmetrical boat, just draw the fore part, then just ask the software to draw the aft part by a mirroring operation. Thus the bow and the stern will be just the same.



      Fanger is right, I couldn’t find the manual. either it’s well hidden, either it’s missing… 🙄

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      Thanks Icare, I may well have the terminology mixed up, I want to move the  outer transom  points to the centre line of the existing transom and remove a set  of the  now redundant points so that two halves of the hulls join

      I relatively am new to this and struggle with the correct terminology.

      My other problem is I cannot find the actual manual, that would most likely help, if anybody has a link to it 🙂

      Thanks again


      Cheers Neil


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