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      Julius Devai


      I need help to model a canoe hull. Anybody have any design to share it?


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      There is a good book (US) “Canoecraft” by Ted Moores and marilyn Mohr.
      See also “wooden boat

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      Julius Devai

      I need help to put into DELFTSHIP. I already have two canoe. One 10 planks stitch and glue and the word first strip canoe from 4mm plywood:)

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      do you have any drawing at all of the canoe(s)? without a drawing of some sort it will be very difficult to get an accurate model of your canoe. try looking at the tutorial found in the downloads section. i found it helpful and it may help you get an idea fo how ot get started.
      you may also find freeship 2.6 tutorial helpful. in the tutorial it shows how to acurately create a model from an end plan and profile view. maybe you can take 3 pictures of you canoe? from the end from the bottom and from the side, simulating end plan and profile drawings. if you follow the steps in the freeship tutorial you should get something close to your canoe.

      here is the freeship tutorial

      good luck

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