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      I still don’t understand how I can avoid the deck to be curved inside the cabin as it is in the jpg file.

      thank you realy much

      PS thanks for Delftship
      I run it really good under Ubuntu 10.04 / Wine

      I wish this software will run natively on Linux/Unix/MacOSX.

      I would like to find more tutorials and guides about Delftship. I would like to do some on my own but I’m not an expert enough to pretend I can do it…
      I really miss the basics (this problem of deck for example)

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      You should calculate the intersection of the deck with the cabin (intersect layers option) and insert new points into your curved deck.

      Once this is done you can remove the part of the deck which is inside the cabin, and manually connect deck and cabin by adding faces between the edge of the cabin and the edge of the deck.

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