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      john wolf

      Ok, here is the deal, 1st off I have no clue how to use this program and I live in Alabama, so the chances of finding someone
      that can show me are un implacatable here,
      Forgive me for the shitty spelling and grammer please, English grammer was one of my downfalls,

      I am looking to build a multi purpose vessel that will be able to do different roles,

      1st: Travers rivers and be able to handle a minimum water depth of 8 feet or 2.2 meters.
      2nd: This vessel will be traveling at a speed of 12 to 16 knots in open water due to the engine I have. (desiel inboard)
      3rd: The vessel will be traveling in open ocean and long distances at some point once the second module is completed.
      The complete vessel will look as though it is a multi hull (will explain if asked)
      4th: (Measurements can be given for units) The vessel must be able to handle systems such as water desalination, Solar power generation, sustainable food storage for 1 to 2 months.
      5th: The vessel can be no longer then 120 feet long and 80 feet wide, with a flat stern (retro fitted connections on rear)
      6th: The vessel will have hopefully more then 1 to 2 levels.

      I am asking for help due to the unusual nature of the vessel and the purpose’s it will be serving, and I am also willing to draw it out by hand, but was hoping to use this program to tweek what needs to be tweeked.

      Thank you for your time.

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      giorgio zuppin

      Hello Mr., forgive my English too, ’cause I’m Italian… but a bit o’redneck ( like Leenerd Skinnerd )
      well, it seems you need a catamaran: about the program I Won’t help you because the dues has to be paid and ev’rybody has to learn by himself… Mark.
      Anyway I can feed you some suggestions: in the DS database of free models you can find an interesting design called Lagoon 440, it seems to match some of yours requirements.
      Of course, visit the Lagoon site: a division of CNB, part of French group Beneteau, world leader in multi-hull leisure designs.
      Further, look for Sunreef site, a Polish brand very active in ye last years: tag: Houbara, nice boat!
      If you need more… feel free to ask.
      Regards, Jurgen.

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      john wolf

      Thank you very much Jurgen, I will do just as suggested and btw.. lmao, I may be from Alabama and my skills in English suck, but Im not a red neck, you would actually be surprised by alot of us here, although at times I paddle faster if I hear a banjo…. lol,

      I am interested in finding many different kinds of exactly like what you suggested so I thank you very much for the ideas,
      Ive had more then a large group of people start bringing me supplies to build and I plan on posting the pictures of the vessels
      progress over time, from the shaping frame to the final product, but a catamaran designe is very suited for the second module.
      See here is where it gets weird, the vessel Im building is being made peice by peice in my back yard and then moved to the launch area where it will be finally assembled, but I was wondering and this is the question I ask.

      What would be more suited to travel shallow rivers to open ocean? Ive thaught about a flat bottom, but then figured that could end bad in the ocean in the case of chop, but then a deep keel (I think I got that right, brain fart) would drag in the river,

      John Wolf

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      giorgio zuppin

      Hello John, OK, no Rednecks: forgive me please it’s like Italian-pizza-mandolino!
      A double-hull displacing, about 40’…60′ of lenght, can have a draught of less than 3′ mantaining a good hydrodinamic keelform.
      it depends on the beam of course: you have to make a compromise.
      A retractable ballast keel could be considered: but I don’t think it’s the case.
      Have a look at the metacentric height is those models in DS database, you’ll get a clue.
      Let me know on your DIY project progress, if you need some sketch with DS about parts or hullform tests, I’ll help you:
      Keep it on, Jurgen.

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      john wolf

      Will do, and I have actually been looking at the calculations, the size vessel Im making matched with the math and the possable cargo sizes, I only need 4.26 feet of water max to keep the stable speed of 10 knots,
      thank you so much,

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      giorgio zuppin

      Hi John, here I am again.
      I have a new little contribution for your project:

      With three hulls you can have: – more stability.
      – more efficiency – same speed, less power –
      – greater room for diesel and water tanks in the outriggers and/or accomodation for batteries
      all in the lowest possible placement.
      – same deck area, but more vertical clearance around midship.
      Superstructure design is up to you: enough space for a houseboat!
      The hull design has good seakeeping qualities, at least at average cruising speed.
      Bad news about construction: it’s a bit complicated ans it needs a proper study on structure’s strenght; a suitable material
      could be aluminum: again you need skills in shaping and welding.
      Anyway, could be a true multi-purpose vessel.
      Take care, Jurgen.

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      john wolf

      Wow, its exactly like I was thinking! Ive scaled it down a little due to prices. but this fits exactly! I can adjust a few things with my material list, but aluminum was 1 of the main materials, I was actually going to use a coated steel, welding experiance I have, I was also thinking that after what I call (the breach point) I was going to lighten the load by using a fiberglass and material I cant name, wich would cut the wheight down to only 5.6830 tons, single engine system is awsome, im going to make an adjustment to be able to have it incased so as not to get damaged in shallow reefs and rivers with logs.
      Ive also figured out a power system in aux, that will be able to run the engine at low cruising speeds as well as keep the equipment running, adding the 2 designes together that you sent me is awsome,
      Once this boat is done, I will be adding your name to what I will be calling the wall,

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