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      Adrian Krueger

      Good afternoon gentlemen,
      I apologies if this has been answered already and for any ignorance I may have on this subject matter. I have been a long time carpenter and have always dreamed of building a fiberglass/wood 40-50 ft power catamaran via stitch and glue (possible vacuum infused foam board). My question is being that I plan to build the boat by hand a set of computerized plans (I’m not asking anyone to do any work for me), possibly a template would be invaluable for manufacturing a male wood frame mold to work off of. I am very much in the infancy of the planning phase and want to collect as much info as I can. So my question is, are there any free catamaran plans in that size range that I can work off of. I have done a few searches but cannot find anything that suits my requirements. My goal is not to infringe upon anyone work I just want to be involved in as many phases of the design, planning and construction of my vessel as possible and learn as much as I can along the way.

      Thank you for your time and any assistance you can lend.

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      Welcome on board PingPong!

      We had for long a large library of models made by users, but I don’t know if it’s available again… :unsure:

      Did you use the forum’s SEARCH tool? Maybe among our discussions you’ll alight on a convenient model…

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      Andrew Miller

      I think you’ll find the models under the download tab. Remember that if you find something you like but it is not quite the right size, you can scale the model using Delftship.


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      iosif gross

      Hi PingPong and welcome aboard

      As someone that built already 13 boats, 11 of them Fiberglass/Plywood construction I want to say a few things:
      * I didn’t find free plans for any “Real” boat of any kind except some dinghies, kayaks and canoes.
      * You may try to find a design that you like that have enough data you can make something close to it. I am using a CAD program and DelfShip, DelftShip is giving you everything you need to make a good design, you have to learn how to work with.
      Try a search in the link bellow:
      * Checkout the link bellow with Bruce Roberts designs. I am not in any way connected tho him
      * You may want to see what are the available catamarans on the market. In the range you are talking about they are very expensive (for me in any case). Take in consideration that the big money is not in the construction itself. The big money is in the details, from engines to furniture’s.
      * You may want to build a small catamaran with the techniques you would like to build the big one to get some experience in the subject.

      Best wishes

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      Adrian Krueger

      Thank you all for the advice. This im sure is going to be an ever evolving journey as with the little amount of research I have done thus far it is clear to me that I am far from done. I plan on starting my build some time around two to three years from now and when i do im going to record the process. I will be sure to throw a link somewhere on this forum. Much thanks and God bless.

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