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      Hi all
      Has, actually, anyone build a boat using delftship design tool? Can one build, only looking at the output of the Unfold feature?

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      John Owles

      Hi Grand, In answer to your question, yes in part. See attached images
      I completed building a boat earlier this year that was exclusively designed using DS. I did use the Unfold feature for the inner and outer faces of the transom, from which to make a pattern, and it was very successful. I did print out the developed shapes of the strakes but, due to having problems getting the hull fair enough, along with the problem of what I see from the control net and what I got in terms of plank shape, produced some inaccuracies. I ended up spiling the hull planking in the tried and tested, old fashioned way.

      I am currently designing another hull, using DS, which will be built over the coming winter. This time I am exploring other ways of using DS to produce more accurate developments of the planking.

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      tx jayoh!
      this is also my impression that ther would be some inacuracies. Does your printout show properly the numbers because on the Unfold screen some numbers overlap. the printout is only available in the PRO version but I wont buy it if the printou has the same errors than the screen output.
      I designed a very simple little boat and when I unfold it it gives me a small piece of plate (to close the hull) that apparently is missing on the model but zooming in I cannot find where it is missing…
      On the other hand I think there will always be inacuracies that we have to correct during the building process.
      I am wondering if people use directly the Unfold printout or save as dxf and then open it in another program to finetune the design??
      Nice boat yours…

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      Robert Holme

      Just a suggestion but I would have thought that the number of waterlines and the number of layers have an effect on the accuracy of the unfold function. i.e. the more you have, the more accurate the result.


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