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      HI there,

      I just started working with DelftShip and used the wizard to create a displacement hull for a sailboat. It looked neat so I mirrored the hull to see both sides. Then, I tried running hydro-statics on the default model only to be told leak points exist along the gunwale. When I try to add polygons I get a message box telling me I’m adding stuff to an invisible layer…. Can someone give me a tip as to what I’m doing wrong.


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      Let’s beging with the “invisible layer” stuff:
      With Delftship, you draw your model using “layers”. Consider them like transparent plastic sheets in the real life. Using the LAYERS dialogue box you can change the layers’ characteristics, such as toggling them from “visible” to “invisible” (and back, of course!). This is useful with complex models, thus you can focus just on what you’re drawing (for example, the portholes, the oars, the yardarms…).
      When you’re told your drawing on an invisible layer, it means the drawing will be made, but the result will be like the layer you ‘re using: invisible. so, open the LAYERS dialogue box and toggle the concerned layer back to “visible”.

      Concerning the leaking points:
      Delftship doesn’t consider the points below the waterline only, but the whole model. So you must close the hull’s top, either with a deck, either with a fake surface (it’s possible to set it “invisible”). Consider it, in the real life, a little like a temporary tarpaulin used on the shipyard to stop the rain from entering the ship, or the bird to*** in the ship. 😉

      Remember: There are two buttons to “mirror” the hull:
      – one mirrors just de display (each subsequent change on the drawn side will be caried into the other side – symmetrical ship);
      – the other one does actually the drawing (none of the subsequent changes on a side will be carried on the other – unsymmetrical ships).
      Beware the confusion! :whistle:

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