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      Sean Russell

      I’m about to build my second small boat from one of my designs – a simple flat bottomed rowboat.  I’m trying to lay out the bottom panel, but when I set the centre line of the panel along the 0.00 line so I can establish the width measurements, I can’t get the bow and stern to hit the 0.00 line.  One or the other will be slightly off.  Rotating the panel one degree is far too much.  I’d like to lay this panel out with maximum accuracy but am frustrated by this issue.  Anyone encountered this?

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      Hi Sean,

      I am not sure I understand your issue- are you talking about a background image? Or a printed hardcopy?

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      Peter Edmonds


      Was I corresponding with you around 2012? Skiffle 10 and related. I have lost all my e-mails of the period, but lots of DELFTship models remain in the computer.

      Is your issue with a dory type bottom? If so, has it rocker in profile? I attach jpg of 2012 lines, with rocker as above.

      This hull shape has little change of topsides flare and of chine panel deadrise, so the shapes should come out quite well for fully developable, with only minor cross curvature.  This is showing in the chine strake in the forward 2 transverse sections. It would be a great candidate for ply stitch and glue.

      I have just looked at my most recent Skiffle 10 model. It shows modest non-developable areas forward on  both  topside and chine strake (I expect from stem curvature), and a small area right aft on the chine strake; probably an abberation.

      If you are interested please drop me a line on my new e-mail

      Shortly I will be moving into flat pack boats, for which DELFTship developable will be significant.

      I could write heaps on developable surfaces, both within and outside DELFTship.

      It is some  time since I looked at developable surfaces in DELFTship. I recollect you should be able to get rollout flattened shapes.

      I have just posted on Solidworks and DELFTship in this forum.

      Peter Edmonds

      Naval Architect

      Perth  WA

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