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      Sylvain LE NAY

      Dear Delftship community members,

      Apologies in advance if my question is naive as I really start to dig in the product capability.
      I have Delftship Pro last release.

      Is there a module (or a set of) that helps to design and place the internal (building) structure of a boat (hull, Deck and others).
      My understanding is that one can associate density and sickness to an element (hull for example). doing so is assuming the hull in homogeneous (what is right for the outer skin) but inside, without considering living structures or tanks (fuel, Water, etc) there are several architectural structures along the hull that insure the strength of the boat (cranks, engine bed, stringers, sawn floor, futtocks, etc)… with their own scantling rule to be applied which will have an impact on stability.

      how have you solve this question?
      And if so have you been able to export the structure to be thoroughly specified in a CAD software for example?

      Kind regards,

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      Jesus Cruz

      the short answer should be NO, there is not,you have a module that gives you the bending moments and shear force for a given load case, or many load cases if is the case, the ship weigth and C.G. location has to be given to the software, usually calculated with other means.

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      Peter Edmonds

      I am working on what is quite a pricey solution.

      I am now doing my main design work in SolidWorks, and have moved into DELFTship to generate hull shape, and transfer by IGES file.

      This is replacing the environment where I generated hull shapes in Hullform (Blue Peter Marine), transferred lines in dxf, and then generated the working drawings in AutoCAD lookalike.

      There may be an affordable solution going from DS to a low-cost AutoCAD lookalike.

      Peter Edmonds
      Naval Architect
      Perth, Western Australia

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