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      I have a question.
      I have a blueprint of a navy ship which I want to build on scale.
      Is it possible to insert the (pdf) file into the delftship program and copy al the lines so this would create a drawing which I can use for building my model?

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      Robert Holme

      1. Save your pdf as a jpg file.
      2. Split you jpg into 3 i.e. Plan, Elevation and Body Plan ensuring the scale is the same for all 3 jpgs.
      3. Import the jpgs as back ground images into Delftship after you have set up a new model whose parameters are those of the ship in terms of LBP, Beam and Draft.

      NB Many Warships use the FP as Zero and number frames/sections upwards Fwd to Aft, whilst standard Commercial ships use the AP as Zero and number frames/sections upwards Aft to Fwd. This has significance where the ships midpoint is not 0.5 of the LBP.

      Regards Maryak

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