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      Jeppe Pryds

      Dear Sirs
      Is there a ‘smart’ method how to make a bilge with a
      fixed radius of f. instanse 1,5m adjacent to horizontal flat bottom and vertical flat side?
      B rgds Jeppe

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      Dear Jeppe,

      The best way to achieve this is to use a marker as a guide to the shape you are trying to create.

      Take a look at the attached file.
      I have used a cylinder here (from the tools menu) to model a 1m radius with 5 points. You can simply scale the coordinates with a factor of 1.5 for a 1.5 m. radius.

      Another possibility is to use the same cylinder (use a multiple of 4 control points) and use only 1 quarter of the shape. [file name=Bilge_radius.fbm size=6698][/file]

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