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      Matt Morin

      I am looking for an overall tutorial on everything dealing with hydrostatics and also what are the units for density? i tried putting in g/cm^3 and it didnt really turn out well. please let me know.

      i cannot find any tutorials on analysis or modeling for this program and i really really need help. we are building a solar powered boat for a competition and need to learn this software.

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      mallori theriault

      Hey, I’m a marine navigation student in canada and we use a book called Ship Stability by Martin S Rhodes. It’s the most comprehensive stability book out there. It will teach you everything you need to know about the hydrostatic data. It comes the hydrostatic data book for the ship MV Almar and explains it well. Hope this helps.

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      Jesus Cruz

      In the download area of this web page is the manual for the software I have found it very helpfull

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      Jesus Cruz

      Regarding a Book, there is a book called “Ship Stability for Masters and Mates”, by B Berret (british book), it is very good explaining the basics of ship stability and has some exercises that may help you. Hope this information helps

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      Hi Matjomo,
      density in the Layer Properties Window,
      eg 1.19 is one tonne and 190 kg or 1.19 cubic tonne, following that, thickness is eg 2.0 is 2 mm. I hope I got that right.

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