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      Hi all,

      Fist of all i am a begineer in shio design so please bear if any of comments looks un appropriate

      My objective is to model a 70m Barge.
      I felt that chossing a sample model and editing it to my desired dimensions is easier than starting the whole modelling from the scratch.
      So i downloaded the inland marge model from the download menu and adjusted its lines.

      I have attached the General arrangment of the barge which i want to model and the edited model file which i did.
      The model looks creepy and needs lot of editing.i tried to keep the curves as smoot as possible.
      Please have a look on the model and give your suggestions.

      I have some questions to make myself clear in modelling aspect.

      1. what are the inputs nneded to modell a Barge?
      in this case i have only the General arrangement what else needed?

      2.Ideas on proper ways of modelling?
      Am i the only one doing like this? ie i downloadin a sample model and editing it as per my desired dimensions.
      i beleive many of you have ideas on modelling a barge from scratch(Inputting offsets fllowed by creation of lines surface etc etc)
      3.What are General ideas to while modelling a barge?

      Expecting your reply
      Thank you

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