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      Hello friends,

      First Thank you for Delftship world: software, models, tutoriels…

      I’m starting a desing and I can see I’m not going in a correct way (see jpg). But why ?

      Please tell me the tips to go further correctly.

      Thank you

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      It’s hard to tell since the image is not very clear, but it seems you are using a face which is defined by 6 control points. Usually this introduces a lot of twist in the surface. Try to use only faces of 4 points, or 3 if you don’t have an alternative.

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      Thank you Marven I got It !

      Now I’m better, I can’t close de deck properly. I know you have an excellent tutorial about leak points but I don’t understand. It should be really simple…

      Thank you again [file name=dlft2.jpg size=72347][/file]

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