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      Petter Blix


      I’m working in the new version (4.27.102). When I try to set the scale of the background image the X-Y relation changes (the image stretches). This never happened in the old version. Is this a bug or can I lock the X-Y relationship so the background image does not distort?

      Any and all help appreciated. Thanks.

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      The separate X and Y scale for background images was introduced in version 4.11 to account for distored images, for example if you’re using a scanned image of a distorted paper drawing. To be able to force the program to use the same scale factor in both directions seems like a good idea. I’ll add this and make it available through the automatic updates function.

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      Petter Blix

      Thank you for your quick response.

      I agree it makes sense to have both. Looking forward to the update!

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