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      Hi all,

      Is there an autotrace feature in DS that can be used to automatically trace a background image such as ships lines?. Thx in advance for any help


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      Hi Dan


      What would you like to accomplish? We use the ‘set transparent’ option a lot to filter out backgrounds, if that helps…

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      Thx for the reply. Would like to start modeling a 74 gun ship using the shear, body and half breadth plans such as laid out by Ree in “Naval Architecture or Boudriot in “74 Gun Ship”. Would like to be able to trace the plans directly but sadly have been having alot of trouble tracing the lines by hand from the background images. Havent been able to find any really good example files for an OLD ship this size. A good startup file with the three plans already traced out would be a great start that I could run with from there. I know this sounds kind of lazy but at 70 years old I’m waaay behind the curve hahaha.

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      Terrance Egolf

      Hey, Dan.

      I suggest you visit the 3D and CAD software forum at Model Ship World, a website hosted by the Nautical Research Guild. Your questions and available options have been discussed there to a great extent.

      I’ve been using DELFTship for refining a ship’s hull plans since 2015 (which involved a lot of research and reconstruction). I’m not aware of any feature in DELFTship for tracing lines plans. That is a function often built into some 2D CAD software (like CorelTrace in CorelDraw), but most CAD programs available to the average modeler don’t do that very well, if at all.


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