Are my numbers good ??

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      Don Wesley

      I don’t really understand some of the numbers generated in Hydrosatics.
      Can you tell if they are good or bad ?
      28′ Length 8’6″ Beam 1’6″ Draught Cruiser
      Displ 3.337
      Blk Coe 0.4228
      Pris Coe 0.5695
      Vert Coe 0.5083
      LCB 14.228
      VCB 0.919
      Lateral Plan 28.043
      LCE 14.931
      VCE 0.782

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      John R. Coil

      That really depends on what you’re trying to accomplish.

      As for what the numbers mean (generally speaking) I’d recommend these two online resources provided by designers Ted Brewer and Eric Sponberg respectively.


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      Don Wesley

      My boat will be used for cruising the rivers and bays along the Gulf coast area with
      an occasional trip into the ICW

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      John R. Coil

      Ah! Pictures would still help. Beyond that I can only advise you to look at what is being done that is similar to what you want.

      If you’re not building a planing boat you might look at something with a longer LWL/BWL ratio (though I’m assuming the numbers you gave are LOA and overall beam) because these are easier to move around. Also, somewhere not too long ago I remember reading that a low Froude Number of around 0.4 helps with wave cancellation in shallow waters and it seems based on my limited experience as if longer boats (and/or relatively shallower draft boats) achieve this.

      One thing I’ve speculated on, which you may find interesting, is adding a folding camper top over part of the cabin on a small sailing yacht — I called the idea a Redneck’s Skerry. 🙂 But seriously, unless you’re 4′ tall those low and lean boats have nada for cruising comforts when they are still small and relatively inexpensive … a pop up camper would enable 6’4″ me to keep a classic cabin line (and lower CG) for when I’m actually sailing and would let me have space to relax in when I wasn’t. No reason this idea couldn’t be used in a small motor boat too.

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      Don Wesley

      I thought once I would just build a barg or a large pontoon boat
      and just back my camper out onto it.
      I’d loose all the fun in building the boat though.

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