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      Hi all,

      I’m very new to DELFTShip, but very excited by its capabilities. Since I’ve stumbled across it, I’m motivated to try and reproduce a lines plan of the Titanic in this software.

      I’ve read through the manual and worked through the ‘reproducing a lines plan’ tutorial. All great stuff.

      I’m having some trouble however, conceptually trying to apply the method employed in the tutorial across to the Titanic. I’m not convinced the method will translate from a small watercraft to an ocean liner hull.

      So, what I’d like to know is if anyone else has any advice on how to reproduce a lines plan for an ocean liner?

      I have downloaded Anton Rudolphs MS Bremen model which is a featured download at the moment. It’s a really outstanding model and conceptually, I understand how it was constructed. I can see how the author created the control net around the intersection of the grid and the lines of the ship (body plan, profile). This is my initial thinking about how I should create my model.

      However, I have a sneaking suspicion that there is a more elegant method that will use drastically less control points and therefore polys. Can anyone offer any advice in this regard? Any personal experience, thoughts or other internet resources about how other ocean liner hulls were created within DELFTShip?

      Does anyone know of any ocean liner hulls in the downloads section on this site that offer an alternative style of control net that may prove informative in relation to being an alternative method of construction, perhaps more based on the method established in tutorial referred to above?

      EDIT: Since posting, I have downloaded several ships from the downloads section, and they all have the same control point net fingerprint so to speak it seems. This pleases me because it affirms my initial conception of construction. Control nets based on how the grid in the lines plan intersects the water lines, frames etc. It seems a logical way to construct control nets. I’m just curious to see if it is the most optimum way to build a hull?

      I appreciate all your consideration,


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      Hello Trent,

      I had reproduced a 10.000TEU Container Vessel Hull.
      I bought DelftShip Pro for that task, because the auto fairing tool is sometimes very helpful.

      At First i loaded a digital lines plan with the “Import Markers” tool.
      Than moved all markes to their corresponding position.

      It was helpful for me to use an nearly similar hull from the delftship download section.
      Scale it to your values and then begin moving points.

      Use the same count of control points for each control line of your surface!

      I tried many different CAD programms for reproducing hulls. I think delftship is the best one and the professional version has got a very fair price

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