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      Sharat Jami

      Anchor handling tugs comprise of significant amount of world fleet nowadays, but i have not even seen leading stability software organisation (like NAPA, Delft , Maxsurf, GHS, etc) having this feature.

      However its understood that there are no specific requirements till date for anchor handling from IMO, However NMD generated some rules after the loss of ” Bourbon Dolphin”.

      Irrespective of nonavailability of rules class societies request the designers to submit the anchor handling stability, i would like to suggest delft this is potentially serious market if they could develop anything related , Ship owners are ready to purchase for loading computers for such kind of extensions.

      I am really keen to hear a reply from delft.

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      Dear jsharatchand,

      We agree this is indeed an issue. As long as there are regulations to comply to, we can make sure this is implemented in DELFTship. Or are you thinking in another direction?

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      Sharat Jami

      Hi Maarven,

      I did not understand what exactly is another direction??

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      giorgio zuppin

      Hello there, intriguing at least, so I went through all about B.Dolphin loss: even enquiry results.
      Apparently it was a freaky accident, a concause of errors and circumstances that caused a heavyweight anchor chain slipping to the inner boat’s steering side; plus a wrong pin release and some water ballast malfunction.
      Did I mention total loss of power?
      She toppled in a moment: men on board didn’nt have time to secure in anyway, the quickest to grabble a lifejacket survived.
      Of course NMD had to text some lines of advice,the accident meant a loss of citizen’s life amongst other poltical issues.
      But, for what I can say, more stringent stability requirements could be less effective than proper handling and manoeuvre rules, strictly regulated with compulsory drills.
      Maybe, that’s my opinion, it is not so convenient for third parts accomplish to figures not officialy sanctioned and at the moment no cost effective – I’m NOT thinking of lives, of course-.
      Bye, Jurgen.

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      Sharat Jami

      Thanks Mr Jurgen for your opinoin,

      However i was reading the IMO 55 SLF session, where IMO are considering to amend the part B of IS Code 2008, they are proposing to implement new regulations for towing, lifting and anchor handling operations in the Second generation stability code. It was initially proposed by the Norwegians, to which all the subcommittee members encouraged and subcommittee is most likely to be accepted.

      Maybe in the coming year we will have this as Second Generation Intact Stability Criteria. a complete set of new regulations,
      check out the proposed ammendments


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      giorgio zuppin

      Seems legit, a good guideline.
      Let’s hope nothing bad happens till January 2020, it’s clear the importance of 2.7.6 Operational procedures: even if stability criteria are perfectly accomplished, way better THINK FIRST then move…
      And you’re right, the issue is complex and worth of a new regulation.
      But nothing new under this sky, it must wait market’s laws.
      Thank you Jsharatchand.
      Bye, Jurgen.

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