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      I would first like to say that I’ve greatly enjoyed this software and will be upgrading to Pro very soon. The learning curve for someone who has used other 3D apps is VERY low. I really like the fact that it uses splines as opposed to NURBS. Much simpler to work with.

      The following features would be very nice to have:

      The layer properties modal dialog turned into a form within the MDI. Maybe as a type of “view” like profile, perspective, etc. Using it as a view type could still allow for the modal dialog option

      The ability to lock a layer to prevent unwanted selection/editing without actually hiding it

      The ability to merge layer contents

      Labels for the weight and thickness values within the layer properties dialog (ft/m & lbs/g)

      The ability to fuse two disconnected vertices without having to create a face, then collapsing.

      Edge turning

      Dual Monitor Support – Floating Windows similar to how photoshop uses pallets

      The ability to move a vertex or other selection on a constrained axis via mouse. (similar to 3D Studio Max)

      Lights – I get a lot of shadows regardless of where I position my lights and at max values. More lights possibly? Maybe a projected light that follows the camera?

      Resistance calculation for flat bottom boats

      Predicted displacement showing the changes in waterline based on model shape, hull gravity and payload values.

      Camera fly-bys renderable to video (so I can show off my awesome model via youtube). Not necessarily ray-traced but a simple screen recording would be great.

      Thanks again for such an awesome program.

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      Oscar Fröberg

      3 years ago? How can locking layers still not be implemented? It makes working with a model increasingly more difficult the further you progress. Would be nice to have the control points of locked layers either disappear or change color. Shouldn’t be too difficult to implement.

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