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      I tried to add a Keel and a Rudder – desingned with Keel and rudder wizard – with the “send” to my Hull projekt. The Keel and rudder are displayed, but I am unable to move that parts to the right place.

      Is there anybody whow can help me?


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      Your imported part appear on the coordinates (0,0,0) (usually the stern).
      Find the place you whish to place it on (check for the points long the hull’s profile) and note the new coordinates.
      Diselect all then ask the MOVE tool to move the concerned part to the new coordiantes.

      NOTE: you can give the part an angle. With the MOVE tool you’ll find the rotation tool. With FreeShip, rotation are made with the point (0,0,0) for center. Then rotate first, then move the parts.

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