Adding a floor / lower deck messes up development

DELFTship forum Hull modeling Adding a floor / lower deck messes up development

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      Stefan Schreuders

      Hi, I’m trying to design a sheetmetal planing craft and I like to use delftship for the plate development files. Everything goes well until I start adding a floor / low deck for persons to stand on.


      This is a simple craft and once devided into the seperate layers the development looks fine



      I’d like to add a deck / floor into the design like this and to make the intersection with the hull I use the intersect function form the “point”menu:


      This sadly completely messes up the hullplate and the development.


      What am I doing wrong?


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      Denis Pratt

      I have had that problem too.

      The work round for me is to just add a water plane at the required draft and simply use that waterline on a lines plan to extract the deck edge shape.

      There might be an inbuilt way to do it by point or curve fairing.

      Will look at it a bit closer and see on one of my boats. I have lots similar layout to the one you have depicted.

      I check the hull plates for fairness in perspective by developeable using the gauss images as well as the developed plate images. IN practise when building from “developed” plates a little bit of pulling to fit is fine.



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      It is not so much that the plates are messed up, as that you have introduced irregular faces (a regular face has 4 edges) If you insert an edge with the ‘Plane’ function you may need to add some edges in order to make sure all faces are regular again. You can tell where the problems with regularity are as you have the interior mesh enabled: where the mesh is built up out of rectangular parts you are OK, where they turn into triangles you have an irregularity.


      Not all irregular faces cause problems, but they are harder to create a smooth surface through so it is always a good idea to optimize for regularity

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      Stefan Schreuders

      Ok thanks for clarification, however it’s not clear to me how I can solve this.

      “may need to add some edges in order to make sure all faces are regular again”  

      How, Where, what function? Do you have an example of this?


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