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      Terrance Egolf

      In the last couple of days I have started receiving the following error message when I make changes to the control grid in my model. The desired change is made, even though I get the message. Today it is happening almost any time I move a control point or modify an edge. Restarting the program doesn’t seem to fix the problem.

      I am using DELFTship Free Version 12.10 (320).

      I increased my undo memory to 500 Mb, thinking that might help, but no joy.

      Any thoughts?


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      Hi Terry,

      Does this happen in all your projects, or only in this particular file? If you are willing to share the model with us, we can have a look at what’s going on- please use the contact formĀ  on our website to get in touch.

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      Terrance Egolf

      Hi Maarten.

      After working in the program for many hours over the past five days, I haven’t had the problem recur.

      I was in the process of overhauling the model of a 19th-century brigantine with lots of curved surfaces I had stopped working on back in August, and so there were a lot of edge deletions and additions as well as switching between surface views.

      Since the program seems to save every change to the model during a session, I thought perhaps I had exceeded the undo memory or some other memory-related issue.



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