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      Hamed Asghari

      Dear Delft Ship Software Company Management,

      This is Hamed Asghari, a graduate student in Mechanical Engineering at Amirkabir University (Tehran Polytechnic). I am conducting research in the field of marine and watercraft, and I need the Professional Delft Ship Software.
      I also need access to modeled Landingcraft files, which had free versions available on your website. Unfortunately, it seems that they are not available anymore.
      I would really appreciate if you could share any other helpful modeled Landing craft or Hydrostatic and Hydrodynamic analytic diagrams with us, who are researchers in this field.

      Hamed Asghari

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      Hi Hamed, welcome to our forum.

      We moved the free model database into the DELFTship program. In DELFTship, when you create a new project, in the “Parent Hull” section, you can choose the Online Database as a source.
      Maybe some Forum members have landing craft models and info to share?
      To explore the possibilities of a temporary educational license, please send us an email, or use the Contact part of this site.

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      Hi Hamed !

      Here you have the second version of the small civilian landing freighter I’m working on. It’s still not finished, but maybe you’ll find interesting ideas…

      About 2/3 of the hull is used by the cargo bay. The last part is the crew’s living space (one or two men).

      The screw is located in a duct whose front part is located at the ships bottom. I imagine that when reversing the thrust, this will help freeing the beached ship. (Furthermore it will protect the screw in shallow waters). Anyway, an anchor will be casted from the stern before landing, thus, the use of a large winch (aft deck) will help freeing the ship.

      Two little winches will be used on the fore deck to keep the ship ashore when unloading her.

      Of course, the front door (not drawn) will be used as an access ramp to the cargo bay. Once closed it will be bolted like it’s done on an armoured vehicle and the crewman will exit the cargo bay by a hatch (not drawn) just above the ramp.

      The rudders are not drawn, but I think of putting them right in the motor duct end, a way to get a vectorial thrust, like it’s done with some planes. Think would make the ship more agile around the reef.

      Since I ain’t an engineer, I’m very interested in your opinion.

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