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      Hi everybody,

      I usually model inside DELFTShip but now I need to set and import a table of offsets. No problem with the structure of the .txt file, but I can’t understand how to set a flat bottom. I read in the manual that it’s possible to set a 1 flag for a ‘flat of bottom’ but where have I to insert the flat bottom edge points? Is it included in the first column of the half-breadth table? Could you upload a sample, please?

      Thanks for your attention,

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      Same problem here, I’ve tried a few things but without success…

      Did anyone manage to find how to do it ?

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      Hi boys!

      I ain’t sure I understand your problem (english is not my mother tongue and I never use offsets tables)…

      Is it possible that reversing the process can help you?
      I mean creating a flat bottomed model using Delftship, exporting its offsets table and analysing this table’s data using a plain text editor…
      Maybe you’ll need two versions of the same hull, one flat bottomed and one round bottomed to find the difference in their offsets table…

      I hope this will help you.

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      Robert Holme

      Add extra points at the Z axis along the y axes and make a sub grid of the area where the hull is flat bottomed.


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      Unfortunately the export of offsets doesn’t work very well… I tried to import the offset file they give as an example, and it worked well. However when I exported it as offsets and re-imported it I got some nonsense shapes :/


      I’m not sure what you mean… I already tried to add intermediate points on the flat bottom at z=0.001, z=0.002, z=0.003, etc… (putting them at z=0 doesn’t work at all) to force the fitted surface on the bottom, but it didn’t yield good results, especially at the round chine…

      Someone from DELFTship is currently trying to help me, I’ll give the solution as soon as I get it working ! In the meantime if someone has it, feel free to help !

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      Robert Holme

      Sorry about that
      Quick and dirty flat bottom


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