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      giorgio zuppin

      Hello everybody, just to point out some topics.
      I use the latest free version and got some minus problems, i.e.:
      I’ve tried to import background images in *.jpg (view attached file) but I’m allowed to do it only in*.Dbi format, wich I cannot find.
      I’ve thought it was a restricted item of the free version, could you please confirm?
      If the aswer is No, there is some way to solve the problem?
      Thanks in advance and a Merry Xmas to all bloggers.

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      Livio Farfara

      You should not use the “File/Import” comand to do what you want.
      You can “Load” a background image in a view (other than the “Perspective View”) by .right clicking inside the window of the view of your choice, to open a context menu, then select “Background Image” and then “Load”. You will be prompted with the file selection dialog for .jpg, jpeg and bmp file types.

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