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      giorgio zuppin

      I am actually refining a design of a submarine: I have started with a scale model, then enlarged and modified. I took it as a challenge on how much you can refine what is basically a simple shape but taking care of all the technical needs of a real operative boat, so I provided an inner pressure hull, control planes, hatches, torpedo tubes and so on.
      To simplify the job I opened more than one project and than export the modified parts to the next, here a problem came out exporting a hull: in the layer properties dial.window when I assign
      hydrostatics to the new part, it becomes also simmetric, if I try to change property DS refuse to do it, to my big frustration.
      I must specify that the hull was developed from a cylinder, then closed and modelled, with no leaks
      and that in the original project it was not simmetric still having hydrostatic properties.
      Help, I’m on the way to hammer down the ugly machine!
      Thanks, Jurgen 54.
      P.S.: No attachements because the file in .fbm is quite large: I’ll provide if needed.

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      giorgio zuppin

      Add on to the post.
      For a better comprehension: there is also a nonsense in the sectional areas diagram, in the original project it is linear and predictable for a cigar-like hullshape: when exported and re-used in the new project it becomes a tooth-saw nightmare, with points and sections of “0” wet area, not connected – apparently – to any plausible transition point in any layer.
      If it could affect, the boat is centered on the base line, for a better handling of the drawing process, but still, it is on both projects.
      It really draws me nut!
      Arggh! Jurgen 54.

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      giorgio zuppin

      Further add on: First of all I must apologize for the slaughter of the english grammar and ortography… the situation was ‘driving me nuts’ if I can say…
      Here is a Pdf attachement that could be more clarifyng.

      At the moment I think it is also possible a bug with the grafic motherboard although it’s a dedicated ATI tested and up to date.

      Aniway, thanks in advance.
      Jurgen 54.

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      giorgio zuppin

      All right, panick for nothing!
      The solution seems to be easy, as I remembered having read somewhere about the features of the free version, I made a test:

      As you can see, everything is again right under the sun.
      Confusion was, because in the early stages of the project all was running smoothly, then adding layers DS refuses to consider it properly, doing its job, as it seems.

      All I need now is a confirm, maybe from the admin, so I can consider a purchase of the pro version.
      Jurgen 54.

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      Concerning the simmetry, this can help you:

      Concerning the english language, don’t worry. Many of us aren’t born englishmen and didn’t studied in Cambridge. The funniest is when two members are using broken english on the forum meanwhile their mother tongue is the same. :laugh:

      …errr… by the way… Cane you understande maille engliche? :whistle:

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      giorgio zuppin

      Ja, broeder: vellkomm at any time!
      Con muchas gracias, Jurgen.

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