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      John Owles

      Lately, when I export 2d Curves, the results in TurboCad are back to front and the x/y axis seems to be turned through 90 degrees.

      Has anybody come across this problem? While it is workable, it is a little boggling to have to enter minus co-ordinates for y and positive for x or visa versa, depending on its mood and read text that is back to front.

      2d Curves Export Back to Front
      Any ideas?

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      John Owles

      No takers?

      Today’s export to 2d Curves resulted in two stations behaving normally and a third showing the right way up but moving a construction line up by 1″ resulted in the line moving down 1″!?

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      iosif gross

      Hi John

      I am working with nano CAD right now, worked with Draft Site (when the 2D was free) and AutoCAD before.

      Never had the problem you mentioned.

      Maybe something in the setting of TurboCad?

      Best wishes


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