Symmetrical Keel and the Real Deal

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I saw that dialog box in v4. I opened my file in the new freeSHIP and opened that up and all the boxes under symmetrical were already un-marked. It didn’t make any sense to me, but I just figured it was an incompatibility between v2 and v4. I couldn’t find anything similar in v2 either. After reading you note I tried again, just in case I over looked something obvious.

The pic is what I see when I open the layer properties in v4.

I was poking around a bit more and I discovered if I un-marked the box called “hydro-statics” the symmetrical box automatically became checked. So I could do this and then (I think) take the file back into V2. Maybe I should ask first though…

What am I giving up by un-marking the box “hydro-statics”? Anything important in a simple skiff development? Chances are I can live with out hydro-statics, but I would love to know for sure. Cheers