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  1. LCB is the longitudinal center of buoyancy, the volumetric center of effort of the displacement
  2. LCF is the center of effort of your water plane area
  3. Lateral area is the projeced area of the submerged hull, the part of your hull below the water plane. You’ll need this to properly calculate the position of your sails.
  4. The projected area of hull and sails is calculated in the load cases extension only (wind silhouettes)
  5. An empty layer can of course be deleted by first deleting the geometry of that layer. I’m not sure whether this will work in v3.20, but in later versions you can simply press the delete button on your keyboard in the layer properties window. The selected layer, including all the geometry is deleted.
  6. RF is frictional resistance. RR is residual resistance (caused by waves, pressure differences between bow and stern etc). PE is the power needed at the propeller (effective power) to propel the vessel at that speed
  7. The resistance is calculated for all layers which are included in the hydrostatics, whether visible or not. Appendages are only included if included in the hydrostatics, but rudders and keels for example are better calculated separately