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Jeffry Fontaine

So the data displayed as number – number- number in each of the columns represents the x – y – z coordinates of each frame.

It looks as if I need to try and manually create this list of offsets from the spreadsheet. I am experiencing some problems with the spacing on the text file. How many spaces are required between columns to physically separate them as you read down.

Sorry to keep pressing the subject with silly questions but I thought it would be a simple conversion by copying the data to a text file and importing it to the DELFTship program. So far it (DELFTship] refuses to recognize the text file as a table of offsets. I even attempted to modify an exported table of offsets with the data and import it and the results went terribly awry when the hull appeared on the screen with a definite boomerang shape to it which was not very boat-like at all.