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Jeffry Fontaine

I am experiencing some problems with the importation of the data as a text file for the hull lines and offsets function.

I have the information saved as the attached MS Word.doc file and my question is what am I looking at in this document?

I can decypher some of the data but the groupings of numbers have me a bit stumped as to what values they are supposed to represent. Can anyone assist me with this problem. I am trying to create the Nasty/Tjeld class FPB hull and up till now my previous attempts have not been what I had expected.

Is the data in the document that appears as numbers separated by a “-” supposed to represent Feet, Inches, and Fractions of an Inch? Or some other values? By trial and error I have found that the “+” must also be removed even though that represents a fraction of 1/16th of an inch. How do I address this measurement if the symbol is removed?

I would really like to get this as close as possible to what the original designer had created.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide,

Jeffry Fontaine
Bremerton, Washington

[file name=Nasty_and_Tjeld_Class_Lines_and_Offsets.doc size=137728][/file]