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This is actually the preferred way of doing it, since you have more influence on the placement of control points. Usually I take as few control points as possible, then first model the deck line and profile so it matches your design. Once this is done start modeling the frames aft to front. Once you’ve done the frontmost station you’ll notice the aft station has probably changed sit the shape is not correct anymore. In this case repeat the process until you’re satisfied. If you fond that in some case you can’t get the shape right, you’ll probably need to insert some additional control points.

Your model had quite a few irregular poins. I’ve inserted some new points to make the control net regular again and also to have a better control over the shape in some areas. I’ve faired it a bit and it seems better now. I gues it took about 10 or 15 minutes. [file name=miller_xyz_modified.fbm size=33737][/file]