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It’s “Motorship”, but this site prohibits full-on URLs, so i had to put text in the place of symbols. Currenlty, on the MOtorship site, there is nothing mentioned. I have the paper copy, so it might be an advance copy for marketing/steering reasons. I would have thought that the content would be on-line first for paying subscribers.

It might be in the site somewhere… maybe their CMS or tool hasn’t made it visible. However, in the same issue, i read that Motorship was surveyed and it was learned that most of its readership is of professionals with very broad and deep backgrounds and that maybe 80% (IIRC) of their subscribers actually read and contribute comments…

IIRC, Borders Books is one store that has a number of yacht periodicals/mags. I think Motorship ( but definitely Boat Professional) can be found on the shelf at BB.

I left the mag at home, but i can reply tonight or in the AM (PST) with the pages discussing the Stenna vessel.