Re:Speed & Power

Re:Speed & Power


Hi Marven,

I was using a powering spreadsheet this weekend (finally, almost 3 weeks after i bought it) and thought it is very useful. I then thought that the DELFTship Resistance Report is fairly well set up and that if it were landscape instead of portrait you could add columns to show estimated/predicted power required for various speeds. As for the Hydrodynamics Report, each of the drafts shown could have columns for the power/BHP/SHP/EHP information for fixed-pitch, CPP, and various other props if you desire to program those in.

I am presuming that your prototype will include SFC, fuel types, an handful of prime movers(maybe 3 or 4 diesel types, maybe GE and RollsRoyce GTMs…) and tie them in to the volume of the fuel tanks.

It might be stretching, but if you plan to add various generators, i assume those’ll be tied into the aux fuel tanks.

Both of those could tie in to “parasitic loads” to deal with pumps, motors, generators, and some table (user-entered?) of electronics that consume electricity, which has to come from generators which consume fuel.

This sounds like it will be exciting. If you open it to beta testing, please count me in. See my other other posted Feature Request.