Re:Rounding a transom

Re:Rounding a transom


Hi Creemers,

At first glance, it seems to me that your transom’s upper edges need to be moved forward or the the transom bottom needs to end at the same X coordinate so the transom plat is flatter or flat.

Also, do you have a separate, actual transom drawn in or is it open? (You mentioned surfaces, so my question may be unnecessary…and, since i can see the red line/edge, you probably do have the separate transom). I ask because before i drew an actual transom, my model’s resistance was less.

I’m attaching some images of my own issues with my transom having a sharp bend/chine(?) at the corners at the bottom and converge such that there is concavity in the region. I struggled to manually clean that region up and reduce the resistance some. [file name=08_my_transom_rounded_corners.jpg size=38026][/file]