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Miquel Borillo

Hi all,

I’m new into this forum.
I’ve been using Rhino.4 3d for a while now in ship designing, specially traditionals sailing vessels.

My experience with Rhino shows me, as some here have posted, it’s very acurate, it’s excellent coming to generate all kind of curves but about hull surfaces it can be probematic when coming into odd ends, as for exemple a clipper bow or aft. The “extend and trim” technique is sometimes the only solution I’ve found so far for such cases.

I think really it’s a versatile software which files can be exported in many otherCAD or hydrostatics softwares, and as you know has plug-in like Rhinomarine or it’s successor Orca 3D

The main obstacle I’ve found so far by using Rhino in producing hull shapes is the lack of a proper autofairing function able for ship’s hull design demands. That makes the fairing of a new and complex curved hull an extremely demanding task in hours as well as in patience.

Reading the performances offered in DSpro publicity
and its affordable price, I wonder if it’s way to go.

I wonder if a Rhino generated surface or a set of curves fron the same procendence can be used with DSpro for generating a new surface and autofair it
And if in general DSpro can be considered a reliable shorcut for designing hull forms from scratch and which hydrostatics programs are compatible with it.

Thanks in advance and excuse my english as I’m not a native speaker.