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Dxf polylines can be used to loft an editable new hull surface in Rhino, but it won’t be the same shape as the hull made in DS/FS: all your work of fairing in DS/FS is likely to be wasted.
Hi Stringybark, I agreee with most of what you said but could you give us some examples to support your above statement. I use DXF polylines to import into Rhino and I have noticed a difference in fairing between both programs as well. But the conclusion I came too was that the fairing routine in DelftShip was aimed more towards merchant shipping while the fairing routine in Rhino is for engineering. So the routine in Rhino needs a greater degree of accuracy and if your prudent you can use this difference to your advantage.
But overall I agree with your conclusion, that when it comes to accuracy it would be better from our point of view and DelftShips to directly import and export in the default Rhino format.

I would also point out that in Maxsurf Workshop you can directly import 3dm files from Rhino.

On Rhino it is the most popular hull design software according to there poll.

And YDS (Yacht Design school) which has over 400 students on its books uses and recommends Rhino to its students.

But Rhino has one major flaw, it doest start off with a default hull shape, while DelftShip does.

So Rhino has the numbers and Delftship has the price.

So go for it Marven, today the Netherlands tomorrow the world. Ha HA Ha Ha cough cough cough mmmm hairball.