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For me, Rhino has too many commands for me to concentrate on learning and drawing. I design my hulls in DS and then export them as DXF 3Dpls and DXF 3d mesh. I import them into Punch! ViaCAD Pro, though i started in March 08 with ViaCAD 2D/3D. Pro has a number of additional surfacing and solids cutting/trimming tools that make like a bit easier for me.

VC 2D/3D as a demo is free to use. IIRC, Pro can be downloaded as a demo, too. As to the wish that DS would use the open source Rhino code, i wish that there was a two-way conduit between ViaCAD Pro and DS. VCP is (in my mind) vastly easier to use than AutoCAD, which is why i don’t use AC nor Rhino. Since the licenses are owned by my employer and i cannot afford to have my hobby wrecked by expensive software i won’t pirate, VCP (at ~$250) was a no-brainer for me. Granted, ViaCAD has not hydros tools. However, the surfacing tools and solids tools work fairly well for me. If you have the time, check it out. It has more of a Mac look and feel than a windows/ACAD/Rhino l&F, but i like the reduced screen clutter.