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HI Marven!

I just found out that i am crazy for using exported IGES surfaces from DS Pro and importing into Punch ViaCAD Professional.

However, I found that although the DXF 3D Mesh export from Delftship preserves the color and layer names information, the DS Pro export to IGES doesn’t seem to. Is it the flavor, or is IGES too limited?

What is NICE about the IGES surface is that i found i have numerous panels i can to manipulate in the surface such as coloration and layer on/off once the model is in ViaCAD Pro.

But, if i want colors and layer names retained, i have to use the DXF 3D Mesh. The problem with the DXF 3D Mesh is that i cannot thicken those meshes into solids. I have to reduce them to first to surfaces, which produces a bazillion little matrices which i then have to “join”, a tedious and time-consuming endeavour.

I imported the DXF 3D Polylines, the DXF 3D Mesh, and the IGES surfaces and tried to manipulate layers on and off to pick and apply colors, but it is too time-consuming.

So, Marven, is this something you are able to facilitate, or is it a limitation of IGES, or should i try other settings again?