Re:Plotting Plate Developments

Re:Plotting Plate Developments


I am very impressed and happy that DELFTship Free is as capable as it is. If it were $99 i’d buy it. I cannot even contemplate designing a naval cruiser without DS. I don’t have free, unfettered access to Rhino (it is my company’s license, and if ever i term or am termed, i don’t want to be addicted to apps i cannot afford to buy and have my hobby suddenly terminated, too, hehehe) and especially not to Orca plugins for Rhino. I’ve looked at other free hull modelers an while many are venerable (age) and capable if not complementary alongside D’ship, overall i prefer D’ship. PolyCAD LOOKS powerful, but every time i try to do surfaces or other things, i get intimidated and humbled. Invariably, i return to DELFTship.

I hope to in the next few months purchase D’Ship pro. You’ve got me wondering about the plate developments. If i can generate the plate geometry in D’ship, export the surface into ViaCAD Pro, and then slice up that surface and avoid creating the hull surfaces (and avoiding the 3D mesh issue), i’d be very happy. Right not, when i export the D’ship 3D mesh of my hull, ViaCAD imports it as one HUGE unified solid. That is painful as i have to decompose it to surfaces, discard or layer-move things out of the way, and then stitch or join the localities i need. In all, this adds many megabytes (10s to dozens) to my file’s size, forcing me to have a drawing just for the sideshell (upwards of 20 mb).

My BIG Question:

So, cane anyone with D’Ship Pro tell me what kind of simple or complex entities result from using the plate development module? Is it a CAD-usable surface? It might greatly help me notionally or arbitrarily run planes, break/split the hull at convenient locations for orientation visuals and break it for construction visualization.