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Walter Simmons

I can’t tell whether no one else is interested in this topic or whether no one wants to touch it.

For anyone who might be interested, there is a solution…but it’s ugly. You can subdivide the control net and then manipulate every other plank to allow for a 3/4” increase in height (the lap width) along the upper edge. After developing those planks, go back and repeat the process for the remaining planks and develop those as well. Those files can then be exported. And to carry it a step further, the files can be combined, re-imported into TurboCAD and output as a dxf.

TC allows for an edge offset. DS is such a feature-rich program that I had hoped that there was a similar feature somewhere within, and that I was simply unable to locate it. Apparently not.

In a related question, why is it that when the profile view shows the starboard side of the vessel that the plate (plank) development arrays the planks with the bow to the left? Curious.