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Mark Johnson

Although I didn’t get any responses here, I got help over at the forum for In case anybody is searching any of these issues I’ll go ahead and post what I’ve learned:

1) My bow has a sharp edge and obviously I need more control points to be able to shape it. How can I get more control points in the bow area without having to subdivide the entire controlnet (which gives me more points globally instead of locally).

ANSWER: I didn’t realize how easy it is to split segments and then, while the points are still selected, you simply choose “insert.” By the way, there is a very useful unofficial tutorial available on the FreeShip Plus site: … I found that this tutorial answered a lot of my questions.

2) Is there a way to move multiple vertices as one time rather than individually? Similarly, can one move a segment or series of segments (a whole curve) globally?

ANSWER: I was hung up on trying to move multiple points with the cursor keys or by dragging. I didn’t realize the translate command works on multiple points and multiple segments. Cool.

3) There are some very nice models in the database. I’d like to start with some of those to alter but don’t know how to scale them up or down to match my plans. Is there a way to scale a controlnet globally?

ANSWER: Just as I had missed the move command under the translate section, I missed the scale command. Works like a charm.

4) I like the align tool for a series of points in a line. Is there any way to align a group of points on a planar surface?

ANSWER: I realize that this isn’t an available feature, so I’m saving up for the pro version that will allow me to do automatic fairing (which I need more than simply aligning to a plane.) For the latter, I have been relying on using other 3D packages, such as 3D-Max, that allow you to align points and surfaces in a variety of ways.

5) Is there a way to optimize your controlnet after you’ve subdivided it? In other words, once you subdivide your net are you stuck with the higher resolution or can you go back to reduce the resolution of the net?

ANSWER: I never got a response to this, so I’m assuming you are not able to go backwards (except probably as an undo command) once you’ve subdivided your mesh. I suspect there are optimization routines and algorithms in external apps that could do this, but I also suspect you’d be better off saving versions of your work so you don’t have to go that route.


Mark Johnson