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Leo Lazauskas

Hi Martijn,
1. I’ve attached the Delftship file Problem1.fbm


This produces a bad Michlet file when I try to save it with 51 stations and 51 waterlines. The .mlt file shows that the table of offsets contains inaccuracies and some garbage.

I have come across this sort of problem many times with a variety of different hulls.

Maybe I am doing something really stupid! If not, I hope you can sort it out.

2. I think it’s probably too soon to modify Delftship to produce the new Michlet input files.

Firstly, apart from the problem above, the free versions work well with Delftship.

Secondly, I haven’t finalised what extras I will be including in Version 9.x.

So far I have added options for using a variety of form factors. There are also a couple of new hull series which don’t really affect the Delftship side of things.

Other modifications, such as a more elaborate procedure for estimating sea-bed pressures, are really only of interest in mine-detection problems and for some esoteric marine environmental applications.

I have been writing routines to let Michlet produce offset tables that can be read directly by Delftship. I might release that in the next version.

I am also trying to get Delftship to work directly with other codes I have so I can estimate squat and its effect on the total resistance directly from Delftship output.

All the best from the middle of a heat wave in South Australia!