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Leo Lazauskas

CharlieN wrote:

2. I’m not sure what do you mean by “pressure settings”?
There is no such thing in Michlet, is there?

Coming from an aircraft background where we pay attention to pitching moments with our calculations,
I have found it interesting that many or at least some hull designers ignore the lift/ downforce a hull produces and the effects on trim and drag.

I agree that it is often ignored. I am working with
rowing shells where the combined effect of dynamic
trim combined with the trim induced by the rowers
moving in the shell is important. The trouble is that
trim and sinkage are not easy to calculate quickly which
is why many ignore it.
My program “Flotilla” is able to calculate it at a rate
of about 1 speed in 10 seconds, but that is still not
fast enough to put it into an optimisation routine
like Godzilla. Maybe in another 2 generations of
personal computer improvements 🙂

Dynamic sinkage on rowing shells can increase the
effective displacement significantly too. It is like
having an extra 5kg to 7kg per rower.
It’s not important for many slow rowers, but it is
critical to understand at the elite level where
winning margins are often very small.

Good luck with your research!