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Leo Lazauskas

CharlieN wrote:

Thank you guys,

I am finally finding my way around and am learning a allot.

One of my desires is to work with the wave forms along the hull.
I am working on a canoe design and am working to understand the way hull changes affect the wave form.
The default in the program is showing wave form behind the vessel. Can this be setup to show the wave form along the vessel?

I also need to learn about setting up the pressure settings since I expect I am working well below the default settings.

Hi Charlie,
1. Sorry, but Michlet only calculates far-field waves.
These are waves behind the ship.

Like you, I am also working on the effect of waves on
the hull, as well as dynamic sinkage and trim (also
known as “squat”) on the performance of canoes and
rowing shells. I wrote a program that calculates the
combined effect of the motion of the rowers and squat
and its effect on total resistance, but I’m not sure
how much to charge for it at this stage. Make me an
offer in the tens of thousands and I’ll consider it 🙂

2. I’m not sure what do you mean by “pressure settings”?
There is no such thing in Michlet, is there?

All the best,