DELFTship forum Hull modeling Keel Re:Keel


I am still in the experimental phase reading the manual. I started this way:

1. I created a new layer “Keel” and put it as active one.
2. All control points which should be in touch with the keel, stem and stern post I moved transversally for a half width of the keel.
3. Then I selected edges and extruded them down for the height of the keel.
4. So I got the lower edge of the keel.
5. Then I selected lower edge of the keel and extruded it toward center line for the half width of the keel, and got it at the center line.

Also I got some new leak points under the water and this is bad.

6. Select some other colour for the keel to see the difference between the hull.

Now, I am trying to eliminate leak points.
I hope this helped to you. Let me, please, know.

Kind regards, Hrvoje