Re:hull thickness deduction

Re:hull thickness deduction

Gil Fleming

Hi Mike,

I don get Passagemaker magazine and saw the results of that contest. I should have entered it, but didn’t. I have a 30′ trawler design in aluminum that would have fitted the design criteria they set out pretty closely. I used to advertize in the magazine on a regular basis but with the economic down turn I have stopped for a while. I have also noticed that in the last year or so, PM magazine seems to be profiling only large motor yachts and the large trawlers. Since Bill Parlatore sold it, the magazine seems to have drifted away from its original smaller trawler concept. So maybe I’ll look around for some better publication to advertize in that suits the type of work I’m doing.

I’ve been using FastShip for my design work for a number of years, however, Proteus Engineering, the software developer has not really upgraded the product in quite a while. I purchased Delftship from Martijn last year and find it much easier to work with and much more intuitive to use. I have compared hulls designed in Delftship by importing them into Fastship and the results displacement and hydrostatic wise are pretty close, which gives me good confidence that Delftship is a good product. Certainly, you can’t beat the price.

Nice chatting with you.

Regards – Gil