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It should be very easy to move them to the correct place without altering your hull shape.

Well, I wish it was 😉
I spent a couple of hours trying to reshape my hull bow after having introducing these new points. But now I understand where my trouble is, even if I still don’t know how to solve it…

Initially, my hull as few “curve control points” as the below one on the attached picture. By having exactly the same coordinates in the X axis, I could create several control curves, one of the top of the other, with exactly the same curvature. Fine, but know, on the same edge, I am introducing a compulsory “corner point” instead of curvature control. As a result, I cannot easily find the exact position of the curve below. At this point I would dream about some corner points which could have the “corner” property only for some axis (only Z and X in my case) and the Y still acting as a curvature control.

I don’t know if my explanations are clear enough but I would be very happy to get any advice on that “particular” situation.